Bapitized In Blood Album Review

Known as the sniper gang, Haitian Boy Kodak is a rapper from New Orleans. He’s best known for his albums, including Baptized In Blood, which was released in 2017. In 2017, Haitian Boy Kodak posted a photo on Instagram with $230,000 in cash and a message about betrayal. The album was also credited to PnB Rock. Haitian Boy Kodak has since been released as an independent artist.

Kodak Black

The new project from Kodak Black features a whole lot of Sniper Gang talent. Snapchat and Sykobob are prominent on the album, but Yak makes a strong presence as well. This project also includes a number of previously released singles. Petey Pablo also makes an appearance, making the album a must-have for fans of the Atlanta-based rapper. However, the album is not without its controversies.

Kodak Black’s mother recently got a Sniper Gang logo tattoo on her upper arm. A video of Marcelene Octave getting the tattoo was posted on Kodak’s social media account, along with a caption. Black also recently surprised his mom with a $3 million Florida mansion and a $30k purple Birkin bag, as a gift for her birthday.

Kodak Black’s sniper gang issue

The Sniper Gang’s boss dissed Kodak Black’s label. Black was furious, and threw $100 bills down the toilet and threw $100,000 into the ocean as a response. On Tuesday, he went on Instagram to air his grievances about the crew and threatened to sue Jackboy. The diss track was posted hours after the release of Jackboy’s new album.

The Sniper Gang has a website where members can post their music. One of the more well-known members is Jackboy, who released the song “Vouch” in response to the rap group’s criticism of Kevin Gates. However, the rapper also defended himself by saying that he would not pay any money to anyone who messed up the album. Kodak Black has a great eye for talent. Since he built his Sniper Gang record label, he has signed artists such as Jackboy, 22Gz, and more. However, he missed out on TayK, who has since been in jail and is awaiting his release.

Despite being a talented rapper, Kodak Black’s Sniper Gang issue has become more of a PR problem than a music issue. Despite his success as a label executive, Black’s Sniper Gang crew is more than a band. WizDaWizard, one of his label’s most popular artists, was shot five times in the front yard of his Florida home. His death is an unfortunate loss, but it was expected that he will recover and be back to his old self.

Most visible members of the sniper gang

A number of rap artists are associated with the Sniper Gang, with the most visible being Jackboy. The group gained fame after Jackboy responded to Kevin Gates’ song “Vouch.” The gang has also released several compilation albums, including the one titled “Baptized In Blood.”

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