How to Get a Universal Travel Pass

A Universal Travel Pass (UTP) is an e-pass that can be used by anyone to travel anywhere in the country. To get one, it is necessary to register online or through the organization’s authority. Once the establishments are registered, the request will be processed further. The application form will be checked by the Disaster Management Authority. Once all details are verified, they will be approved. This document will serve as proof of eligibility. It is valid for one year.

QR code-based e-pass

The QR code-based Universal Travel Pass is a new e-pass that allows fully vaccinated individuals to access public transportation and public places. Introduced by the Maharashtra State Disaster Management Authority, the pass is now a national requirement to use public transport. The Universal Travel Pass was designed for people living in Mumbai and has since been adopted by the central government. It works in all cities in India and is accepted by railways, bus companies, metro systems, and other transport authorities.

This pass will also make it easier to track commuters and identify emergency workers. Emergency workers will be given this pass if they have an identity card and are required to travel by train. The new pass also makes it easier for authorities to monitor travelers during peak rush hours and control crowding during the pandemic. It’s possible to obtain these new passes at the railway station and at bus stops. But before these travel passes to become a reality, they’ll have to pass the screening process.


Before you can purchase the Universal Travel Pass, you must register your establishment. You will have to fill out a registration form online. Once you do this, you will be given a link that will enable you to upload your photo. Then, all you have to do is wait for 48 hours. Once you receive the link, follow the instructions to complete the process. After you have finished filling out the form, you will receive an authentication code on your mobile phone.

To apply for a Universal Travel Pass, you must be a resident of India, or a person working in the medical, education, or utility sectors. There are no age restrictions for applicants, but you must have a valid ID card. You must fill out all the required information to get the pass. The Universal Travel Pass is valid for travel in all states and regions. You can also get one by scanning a QR code.


The Universal travel pass is a great way to save money on hotels, public transportation, and sightseeing activities while visiting theme parks. There are two types of Universal travel passes Express and Comprehensive. Each offers different benefits. Both passes can be used to enter museums at a discount and stay in an affordable hotel. There are even countries that offer half-price train tickets to those who have Universal travel passes. In Australia, you can save 50 percent on national park admission if you have a UTP.

The cost of Universal annual passes doesn’t include all your food and beverage purchases, souvenirs, or special events at the theme parks. When choosing the right annual pass, determine what you would normally spend during a typical day at the theme park. Depending on the number of people at your party, you can decide which one is most affordable for your budget. The prices above are current as of March 2022. You can find out more about the different passes by joining the Universal Tips & Planning Facebook group.


There are two types of universal travel passes Degree-3 and Degree-5. A Degree-3 pass will allow you to travel in a state with limited restrictions. A Degree-5 pass, on the other hand, allows you to travel anywhere in the country, with restrictions and all. Both of these passes require that you be over 18 and fully vaccinated against the diseases and viruses found in various parts of the world. The application process is straightforward, and the pass is valid for any state.

To register your establishment, follow the instructions included on the Universal Travel Pass website. On the first page, you will see the establishment’s name and address. You will also be given a QR code that you can scan with your phone. Once you’ve done this, click on the registration link, enter the number of employees, and choose the Category and Type number for your establishment. You will also be asked to provide your mobile phone number, which is used for UTP authentication.

Cost of a monthly suburban rail pass

To avail of a monthly suburban rail pass with a universal travel card, one has to register with the railways. This process is online and can be completed in less than ten minutes. Then, the commuter needs to save his or her e-pass on their mobile phone. After two weeks, the pass is delivered to the commuter. Moreover, the citizens do not have to go to railway stations to verify their e-pass because the government will do that for them.

If you are an American citizen, you can also avail yourself of monthly passes. Monthly passes are available for adults, and senior citizens, as well as students. They cost twenty dollars and can be purchased for four hundred dollars. A college student, vocational student, or senior citizen can also avail of a monthly pass for twenty-four dollars. In addition to a monthly pass, there are also single-journey tickets available.

Application process

Before applying for a Universal Travel Pass, you will need to know the application process. To register your business, click on the Universal Travel Pass registration link. Fill out the information required, including the type of service you provide and your contact information. Make sure your photo is clear and you have a clear view of your face. After submitting the application, wait 48 hours for the confirmation link. Once your application is approved, you can use your Universal Travel Pass to travel to any location in the United States.

Once you’ve created an account on the website, you can begin the application process. Fill out the online application form with the requested information. Then, you’re ready to book your trip. The entire process takes less than five minutes. Once you’ve submitted the application, you’ll get an email with a unique link. You can use your Universal Travel Pass to save money on your travel expenses, and it’s a convenient way to keep track of your travel plans.

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