Is Lil Nas X Pregnant Again?

The ‘Lil nas x pregnancy’ is causing quite a stir. Rapper Lil Nas X has taken to Instagram to announce his impending pregnancy, but the internet is divided over whether he is doing it in the best way possible. While some fans claim he is mocking the experience, others argue that it is a knee-jerk reaction to his ‘baby photoshoot’. However, while his photo shoot was a flop, he has defended his decision to post it.

In other words, he’s pregnant again. Lil Nas X announced his pregnancy on his Instagram and Twitter pages, remixing Drake’s cover art with a bunch of pregnant men. He then went on to reveal his due date, staged a photo shoot to show off his baby bump, and posted a doctor’s sonogram. Lil Nas also teased his fans that he’d make another major announcement on Thursday.

While many fans applauded the rapper for his creative and inspiring approach to music, there were some who reacted negatively to the videos and photos. Lil Nas X, real name Montero Lamar Hill, also addressed the haters, saying that he has “a new baby in the house”.

According to his Instagram page, Lil Nas X’s upcoming album, Montero, is due for release on Sept. 17. The upcoming album will feature collaborations with Elton John, Miley Cyrus, and Megan Thee Stallion. The rap star says that he’ll be a father to a fifteen-track album. This news has sparked some controversy, with many fans accusing him of stealing the concept of his album.

While the rapper has donated $1 million to charity, some fans are calling his faking of a pregnancy an insult to Black transgender people. Lil Nas X’s fake pregnancy has also drawn criticism from transgender swimmer Schuyler Bailar, who called the stunt “transphobic”. She pointed out that a transgender man can get pregnant, but that it is not allowed by the law.

Meanwhile, other rappers have been mocking Drake’s ‘Certified Lover Boy’ cover art. Lil Nas X mocked Drake’s cover art by substituting male heads for those of pregnant women. However, his trolls were met with criticism, and he has responded to this in a hilarious manner. In the meantime, fans can enjoy the teasing ‘lil nas x pregnancy’ on his official social media account.

There is another troll out there who wants to take advantage of Lil Nas X’s pregnant image. The rapper has posted several videos of himself showing a fake baby bump. The artist has also sued Roadrunner Records for ripping off her work by making a music video with an ultrasound image of herself in labor. While this is a bizarre accusation, it is a valid one. A woman who is pregnant does not want to show off her pregnancy, and Lil Nas X has no business doing so.

On Sept. 2nd, Lil Nas X dropped a maternity photo shoot to promote his new album. The photoshoot is reminiscent of Beyonce’s pregnancy announcement. The rapper said that the photo shoot had started out as a joke. However, he was surprised by the reaction he received. He explained that the idea came to him after listening to the verse from Megan Thee Stallion’s song, “Dolla Sign Slime.”

The rapper finished his energetic rollout with a live talk show. In the livestream, he played highlights of his career and listed his own personal favorite music videos. When he came near his favorite video, he started having contractions. Soon after, he became aggressive with the talk show host and broke his water. After this, he delivered his debut album and the video is widely available online.

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