Kung Fu Tea and Gong Fu Cha

Kung Fu Tea is a popular beverage that has its origins in Taiwan. Its founders were friends who had previously owned a bubble tea chain in Taiwan. After a passionate sales pitch, they founded the brand. Now, it serves thousands of people each day. Its delicious, fruity, and healthy tea is the perfect way to start your day.

Gong Fu Cha

A Chinese tea ceremony known as Gong Fu Cha involves ritual preparation and presentation of tea. It is likely derived from tea preparation approaches that originated in the eastern Guangdong and Fujian provinces. Translated, gongfu means “to make tea with skill”. The gongfu tea ceremony has become an important part of Chinese culture.

The original gongfu tea ceremony was probably performed in Chaozhou, a town in Southeast China. Travelers to the area would often be presented with a wooden tray containing the tea utensils and an aromatic loose-leaf tea. However, this practice was not limited to the site. Today, gong-fu tea is practiced in China across the country, but it is rare to find gong-fu tea masters practicing in the United States.

When making Gongfu tea, water is an essential consideration. Improper water has a detrimental effect on the taste and texture of the brew. Typically, tea masters use spring water from a nearby stream or spring. Water that has high mineral content should be filtered before use.

While the process may seem intimidating, it can be accomplished easily with a few simple tools and a few key concepts. First, learn about the history of Gong Fu tea. Next, learn how to properly prepare the tea by using natural mineral water and an open charcoal fire. A tea tray, scoop, and towel are essential accessories. A tea tray helps to keep the tea warm while serving.

The brewing vessel for Gongfu tea is typically a teapot or gaiwan. These smaller vessels allow a higher ratio of tea leaves to water, which cuts down on brewing time. They are also helpful for multiple infusions. Gongfu teapots can be made of porcelain or unglazed Yixing, a traditional clay that absorbs the flavor of the tea. Many teapots include a matching teacup.

The Chinese tea ceremony is more familiar than its Japanese cousin. However, the Japanese tea ceremony is less about martial arts and more about tea brewing. Both methods are traditional and make for a fine tea. The gong fu cha method is challenging but produces a high-quality beverage.

As with any tea ceremony, the Gong Fu Cha method requires utensils and meticulous attention to detail. The process of making gongfu tea has evolved over the centuries. It is often referred to as the Chinese version of the art of the tea ceremony. Traditional Chinese tea ceremonies have long emphasized the importance of form and function, and utensils are just as important as the tea itself.

Before brewing, it is important to smell the tea. It should smell pleasant and inviting. Its aroma can be natural, fresh, or elegant. Once the tea is brewed, its aroma will release slowly, leaving a pleasant aftertaste. The aroma will last for a few minutes and will give you a chance to savor the lingering taste.

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