Tips For Maximizing Muscle-Building Journey With Mass Extreme

There is nothing that says bodybuilder like a hulking frame that can pack on serious mass. This is exactly what mass extreme is designed to do. It does this by using high quality carbohdyrates that are free of the sugar found in many other mass gainers. There are also several other ingredients that help to optimize muscle growth.

Carbohydrates Mass Extreme

High-quality carbohydrates provide energy for working muscles and help restore glycogen stores after intense training. In addition, the carbohydrates in Mass extreme are derived from specialized high-polymerization maltodextrins (linked sugar compounds that are easier for the body to use). Our protein blend features two premium proteins—whey protein concentrate and micellar casein—that deliver an exceptional combination of fast and slow-release amino acids. This ensures a continuous supply of critical amino acids to the muscles throughout the day to support muscle growth and repair.

Carbohydrates from whole foods like potatoes, grains, vegetables, and fruits contain simple (mono and disaccharides), medium chain, and long chain polysaccharide carbohydrates that provide a range of essential micronutrients, including fiber and phytochemicals. These carbohydrates also offer a variety of glycemic indexes to meet the energy needs of all types of athletes and exercisers.


Proteins are complex organic molecules that function as building blocks of the body. They are a group of amino acids bonded together with hydrogen bonds and are stabilized by a network of covalent linkages. Proteins have a variety of functions in living organisms including catalyzing chemical reactions, producing energy and providing structural support. Proteins are classified as either soluble or insoluble depending on their ability to dissolve in water or other liquids.

Mass extreme utilises the same high quality multi-phase release proteins found in our best-selling protein matrix, Total Mass Matrix. This combination of whey protein concentrate and micellar casein provide a quick source of soluble amino acids that can be absorbed into the blood stream, while also providing a sustained release over seven hours to help improve anabolic muscle growth and reduce muscle breakdown.

Grass-fed whey proteins are added to this mix to boost the amino acid profile, giving you a massive serving of naturally occurring Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) and 10.6 g of clinically validated creatine monohydrate. This makes Mass extreme one of the most calorie- and protein-packed weight gainers on the market.


The fat content in this mass gainer is balanced with a healthy blend of canola and sunflower oils, which are rich in polyunsaturated fats. These healthy fats are rich in linoleic acid (omega 6) and linolenic acid (omega 3), and provide essential energy. This formula is also enriched with fast burning MCT oil, which supplies high-density energy. This makes Mutant Mass Extreme different from other weight gainers that contain only carbs and protein, as it is a genuine energy-rich high-calorie weight gainer.

One serving of Mutant Mass Extreme provides a massive 1070 kcal from its complex blend of whey isolate, concentrate and hydrolysate and a selection of rapidly absorbable carbohydrates, to know more click here This combination of nutrients has been specifically designed to flood and feed muscles with vital nutrients to help drive massive muscle growth and support recovery after intense strength training sessions. It is ideal for “hard gainers” – men and women who struggle to consume enough calories to fuel the muscle building process.

Other Ingredients

With a recommended serving size of six whole scoops per day that delivers 1,830 calories and 63 grams of protein, MuscleTech Mass Tech Extreme 2000 is an aggressive player in the heavy-calorie mass gainer arena. It aims to help those who have difficulty meeting their caloric and protein needs through diet alone by incorporating a comprehensive blend of proteins, a strategic carbohydrate complex, and muscle-building co-factors like creatine and L-glutamine.

This “dangerously anabolic” formula includes a combination of fast-absorbing whey proteins (WPC and hydrolysate) with slow-absorbing micellar casein, to create a sustained release of amino acids for hours. It also includes the proven muscle sparing carbohydrates of medium length glucose polymers and easily digested low-allergy rice starch.

Finally, it contains healthy fats from medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) oils. These are broken down in the liver to provide high-density energy and support insulin levels, which are important for maximizing muscle growth and minimizing fat gain.


Mass extreme is designed for hard gainers who struggle to meet their daily calorie and protein requirements. It provides a combination of high-quality carbohydrates and fats, including healthy medium chain triglycerides. This unique formula uses a two-protein blend of premium whey proteins and micellar casein to help support muscle growth, improve recovery and preserve existing muscle. It also includes a balanced selection of complex carbohydrates and fats, including canola and sunflower oils.

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